IF is a ‘free university’: we run free, university-level arts and humanities short courses that are taught by a network of volunteer academics. IF courses use the free cultural resources of the city and include sessions in London’s galleries, archives, museums and concert halls. As a free university, IF is an experiment in no-fee collaborative higher education. It is a community where knowledge is shared, taught, debated and discussed at no cost to students. 

"For many years, watching the cost of traditional higher education spiral ever-higher, I've thought there should be some alternative. Couldn't there be a free university, some communal effort to share knowledge, whereby no one would have to be overly in debt but all could benefit? A few days ago I met one of the IF Project co-founders, who is already trying to get something like this off the ground in London. This notion deserves serious attention and if successful, could change the way we approach higher education."

- Dave Eggers, Author (The Circle, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius), and founder and editor of McSweeney's

"Soon the only students of the liberal arts will be the sons and daughters of the very rich or poorer students who can secure one of the inadequate number of bursaries, scholarships and grants. I welcome this initiative to involve young Londoners in securing a basic humanities education."

- Will Hutton, Principal of Hertford College, Oxford University, and former editor of The Observer newspaper

Thinking a Free introduction has wrapped up 

From January to March 2016 IF's latest course - Thinking: A Free Introduction - explored how the methods and techniques of the arts and humanities give us practical tools to be critical, and free, thinkers. New courses will follow later this year...