IF courses

The IF Project offers free degree-level short courses in humanities study. IF courses emphasise how humanities disciplines provide students with the tools to become confident, critical, and autonomous individuals. Students gain introductions to techniques of analysis, reasoning, comparison, criticism, and expression used across the arts and humanities, leading to a greater practical understanding of how to think critically, take multiple perspectives, produce interpretations, and make arguments.  

What are students saying about IF?

Since 2014 more than 100 students have gained an introduction to humanities study with IF via our four, six, or 10-week courses. Students have described IF courses as follows: 

“An incredibly enriching experience”
“I was inspired by the passion and dedication of the lecturers”
“It was a very rewarding experience to be part of the IF project and have invaluable access to lectures and seminars at such a high standard”
“The course provided me with an opportunity to be challenged in my thinking and to meet and debate with people from other backgrounds, age groups and communities. If every adult did things like this even once in their adult lives I believe our country would be a much more welcoming and inclusive place.”

Future courses

We will be announcing new courses later this summer. Watch this space.

Past Courses  

Humanities Summer-SchooLs - 2014/15

The first IF course was a four week humanities Summer School - providing a taster of humanities study. The course took place across June 2014, and ran again in June 2015. 

Download the programme here. Read more about it here.

thinking: a free Introduction - Jan-Mar 2016

In 2016 The IF Project ran Thinking: A Free Introduction - a 10-week interdisciplinary course in university-level arts and humanities that introduced how writers, historians and philosophers think - and how these ways of thinking enable us to interpret the world. By providing a grounding in undergraduate-level English literature, history and philosophy, the course equipped students with the tools to become critical thinkers, and provided a foundation for further study in the humanities.

Download the course outline here

Literature Study Group - Summer 2016

This study group met 6 times - allowing students who had taken part in Thinking: A Free Introduction to explore the study of literature in greater depth. The group focused on J. M. Coetzee's novel Disgrace. 


Read more about our second 10-week course here.

What is a normal week for an IF student?

Each week of an IF course a student will:

  1. Attend a lecture delivered by an IF volunteer academic
  2. Read, research, and watch relevant additional material 
  3. Participate (in groups of maximum 20) in a 50-80-minute workshop with an academic to discuss the ideas set out in the lecture and reading list.
  4. (Wherever relevant) Be directed to a free event or performance in a museum, gallery, concert-hall, or theatre that addresses the material under discussion in the week's workshop.

*A week of IF teaching will require approximately 4-6 hours of a student's time