Thinking: A Free Introduction 2016 - Certification

A note on IF Project Certification

IF courses are not formally accredited (like a degree or diploma). Instead we issue certificates of participation that recognise the full and active participation of students on an IF course. These certificates record a significant commitment to independent thinking and learning. IF courses are independently designed by a network of academics who volunteer time and expertise. The academic rigour of the courses is overseen by an academic advisory board. The courses are generally taught at first-year undergraduate level.


Course Summary

In 2016 The IF Project ran Thinking: A Free Introduction - a 10-week interdisciplinary course in first-year undergraduate-level arts and humanities that introduced how writers, historians and philosophers think - and how these ways of thinking enable us to interpret the world. By providing a grounding in undergraduate-level English literature, history and philosophy, the course equipped students with the tools to become critical thinkers, and provided a foundation for further study in the humanities. 


The course programme is available to download here

Certification Criteria

All students who attended at least 70% of the sessions on Thinking: A Free Introduction received a digital certificate.