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IF Project lectures and seminars introduce students to the Humanities and explore how the thinking of writers, historians, philosophers, artists and critics can help us interpret the world and the complexities of human experience.


Thinking Without Borders: A Short History of the Present 

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A 10-week course exploring contemporary concerns such as truth and lies, power and freedom, nations and rights, culture and identity as seen from the perspective of humanities disciplines. Funded by the Big Lottery Fund.


Listen to a lecture from the course below. In this recording, Tom Sperlinger, reader in English Literature and Community Engagement at The University of Bristol, and the author of 'Romeo and Juliet in Palestine' (Zero Books), and 'Doris Lessing and the Forming of History' (EUP, 2017), gives the lecture: 'Reading Without Borders: Doris Lessing's Mara and Dann'.

I found it absolutely inspiring
— Mik, Thinking Without Borders Student
I enjoyed the diversity of themes and the quality of the lectures
— Ana, Thinking Without Borders Student

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Thinking: A Free Introduction 

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A 10-week interdisciplinary course in university-level arts and humanities that introduced how writers, historians and philosophers think - and how these ways of thinking enable us to interpret the world. By providing a grounding in undergraduate-level English literature, history and philosophy, the course equipped students with the tools to become critical thinkers, and provided a foundation for further study in the humanities. The course was funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Download the course outline here


A unique experience for me
— Thinking: A Free Introduction Student

In the recording below,  Dr Richard Barnett, writer, teacher and broadcaster on the cultural history of science and medicine, and Faculty Member of the Pembroke-King’s Programme, Cambridge - delivers the lecture 'Thinking and dying in London - or how to think like a historian'.  This was the opening history lecture of Thinking: A Free Introduction. It took place on Thursday 18th January 2016.

If everyone did something like this even once in their adult lives I believe our country would be a much more welcoming and inclusive place
— Thinking: A Free Introduction Student

Humanities Summer School: 2015

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Our second four-week taster of humanities study. Download the programme here

The IF Humanities Summer School - 2014: Foundations

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The first IF course - our pilot - was a four week humanities Summer School, providing a taster of humanities study. 

Download the programme here

This Summer School was made possible by a kickstarter campaign. The generosity of our backers is recorded here.  

An incredibly enriching experience
— Greg, IF Summer School Student