Privacy Policy



The IF Project is a registered charity No. 1159999). This privacy policy sets out how we collect, store and use information we hold about you when you interact with us.

What information are we talking about?

The information you provide when you sign up to join our mailing list, or register on our website your interest in hearing about future course  or when you apply to take an IF Project course, using an application form on our website.

What information do we collect?

From subscribers to our mailing list we keep your name and email address.

From applicants to our courses we collect your name, email address, age, previous educational attainment, and your stated reasons for taking an IF Project course. 

How do we use this information ?

We only use mailing list subscribers' emails to keep you informed of new IF Project courses or related initiatives. 

We use names and emails of applicants and students to contact them for administrative purposes during an IF course. 

We  collect further details  from applicants to our courses (age, previous educational attainment, and stated reasons for wanting to take an IF Project course) in order to offer courses first to those who have not studied for a degree, and for verifying the applicant is aged 18 or over. After the application process is completed for a course, this data is stored anonymously, i.e. separately from names and email addresses. We share this  anonymised data with funding organisations to illustrate the profile of IF students. We do this to secure funding to run our programmes. No student or applicant is ever identified.

Do we disclose or sell personal data to third parties?

No. We never  share or exchange or buy or sell personal data (your emails or names) with any organisation, company or individual.

Where statistics regarding age and previous educational attainment of IF students are shared with funding organisations, the information has alway been made anonymous. 

Your data is held securely

Your email addresses and our anonymised records of applicant and student educational attainment, age and stated reasons for taking an IF course, are held securely. We use appropriate technical and organisational measures to keep them secure. 


You can contact our data protection officer at to ask to know more about the above [or to withdraw your details from our systems]