The IF Project is a 'Free University'


As a 'free university': we run free, university-level arts and humanities short courses that are taught by a network of academics who volunteer time and expertise 

IF creates a community where knowledge is shared, taught, debated and discussed at no cost to students 


More than 100 students have gained an introduction to humanities study at undergraduate level with IF

Invaluable access to lectures and seminars at such a high standard
An incredibly enriching experience
The course provided me with an opportunity to be challenged in my thinking and to meet and debate with people from other backgrounds, age groups and communities

IF courses are taught by a network of more than 50 academics willing to donate their  time and expertise


The best learning, the best exchange of ideas, the most fulfilling intellectual experiences generally come when teacher and student freely give their time simply because they want to teach and want to learn. The IF Project fosters this atmosphere ... learners and teachers involved appreciate the tremendous privilege that it is to think, learn and exchange ideas openly.
— Carl Gombrich, programme director of University College London’s Arts and Sciences BASc degree



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